Ilja van Rhee
From Amsterdam, reviewed on Jul 23rd, 2014 via Yelp for Dead iMac, data recovery needed and new HD installed

MacJunky | Ilja van Rhee

iMac crashed – contacted MacJunky at 9 in the evening via the very convenient chat function on the MacJunky webpage.

Immediately got a response and could bring my iMac for repair the following day. HD fixed and data recovered, and ready at the agreed date. My iMac runs smoothly again.

Professional, skilled, customer friendly and a very nice guy. MacJunky is the address to go to for Mac support.

Highly recommended!

Marie Rejfova
From Amsterdam, reviewed on Jul 22nd, 2014 via Email for Data Recovery from MacBook Pro

MacJunky | Marie Rejfova

These days to loose your computer or laptop is easily comparable to loosing a limb or any other part of your body.

Some time ago I had a huge problem with my laptop. The situation was crucial and I didn’t have a back up!

I tried every professional help I could, but the last diagnosis was “The laptop is dead!” After hearing these words I got a bit dizzy. I was desperate.

One day I was walking my dog and I met a nice man who had a business called is MacJunky. I knew that he was an Apple expert, but I didn’t want to bother him in his free time, while he was walking his dog Woof!

But my situation was a serious one, so I decided to ask for help. MacJunky couldn’t re-animate my old “vintage” MacBook, but he did find save all my files and replace them so that I can still access them.

In my eyes, he saved my life.

Thanks Kia!

Paula Rutgers
From Utrecht, reviewed on Jul 21st, 2014 via Email for Hard drive and Time Capsule issues

MacJunky | Paula Rutgers

Kia was very helpful when my hard disk crashed and I also couldn’t reach my Time Capsule!

He solved this very fast and with clear tips!

Martine Jonker
From Amsterdam, reviewed on Jun 25th, 2014 via Email for MacBook Air liquid damage

MacJunky | Martine Jonker

I want to thank you for your support two weeks ago on a sunday when my MacBook Air died on me.

I was desperate and you invited me to come by to take a look at the machine.

Unfortunately no help was possible anymore, due to the damage, but it’s very much appreciated that you took the time to check it out!

Many thanks again!

Ben Geraerts
From Amsterdam, reviewed on Jun 15th, 2014 via Google for MacBook Pro upgrade

MacJunky | Ben Geraerts

Goede service, goede reparatie, wat wil je nog meer!

Kees Hoogendijk
From Blaricum, reviewed on Jun 15th, 2014 via Email for iMac help and training

MacJunky | Kees Hoogendijk

I had many problems with my Mac computer and desperate for help. I searched for Mac Help and found MacJunky.

I very much appreciated the immediate help I received. My problems are solved and I have experienced the helping hand of MacJunky on many occasions where I had little problems that I could not solve myself.

MacJunky also helps with learning to do it ourselves.

Thanks Kia for making my life easier!

Pieter van Roon
Devices4Care. From Nieuwe Wetering, reviewed on Jun 10th, 2014 via Google for Networking and email system setup

MacJunky | Pieter van Roon

MacJunky (Kia) is delivering excellent work and services.

He has supported my company Devices4Care in setting up a well working network and email management system. He is fast in responding to queries and follow up.

Great partner to work with!

Jeroen de Rijk
. From Amsterdam, reviewed on Jun 2nd, 2014 via Google for MacBook Pro upgrade

MacJunky | Jeroen de Rijk

Flexible guy, good and honest communication, good work.

What else do we need?

Mark van den Tempel
Tekst- en Beeldproducties From Bilthoven, reviewed on Apr 12th, 2014 via Email for MacBook Pro shutting down

MacJunky | Mark van den Tempel

My experience with MacJunky was nothing but pleasant. Good and friendly service, and lots of free advice.

I will definitely use his expertise in the future.

Joost Bakker
From Haarlem, reviewed on Apr 10th, 2014 via LinkedIn for Lost data on iMac

MacJunky | Joost Bakker

Al mijn data weg.

Ja, ik weet dat ik geregeld een back up moet maken. Nee, niet gedaan. Gevolg: twee jaar foto’s en filmpjes van mijn kinderen weg! Tot twee keer toe lang gebeld met Apple, aardige gasten, konden me niet helpen. Hun conclusie was dat de bestanden verloren waren.

Ik vond Kia op het www. Zijn diagnostische vragen per mail gaven mij hoop. Ik vanuit Haarlem naar ‘m toe. Kwam binnen, eerste indruk: deze man doorleeft Apple, dat zie je meteen. 10 minuten later waren mijn bestanden er weer.

Thank you Kia, thanks a lot!

Mark Vogels
From Utrecht, reviewed on Apr 8th, 2014 via LinkedIn for MacBook Pro startup issues

MacJunky | Mark Vogels

Need a Mac Pro fixed at the studio I work at? Need soft and/or hardware solutions? Need consultation setting up a completely new Mac environment? Need my own MacBook looked after when it’s got the hick ups? Again!

In such a case I can always rely on Kia. He has a ‘can’t is not an option’ mentality. Always comes up with swift, clear answers and solutions, wether on-site or at his workshop!

Hail, hail!

Gerhard Jeltes
From Amstelveen, reviewed on Apr 5th, 2014 via Google for Upgrade MacBook Pro with SSD and RAM

MacJunky | Gerhard Jeltes

Just like previous appointments and support in the past, Kia did a great and fast job with my MacBook Pro.

I picked up my machine within 24 hours and it’s working fast as ever before.

Thanks Kia!

Andreas Schöfl
mannschaft. From Amsterdam, reviewed on Mar 31st, 2014 via Google for External hard drive issues

MacJunky | Andreas Schöfl

Kia offered a creative ‘quick fix’ for a reoccurring problem with an external hard drive on the spot and best of all: for free.

Thanks a lot!

Marco Gregori
From Amsterdam, reviewed on Mar 28th, 2014 via Email for Coffee spill on MacBook Pro

MacJunky | Marco Gregori

Kia provides a quick and efficient service, and is readily available for any mac-related problem.

Wouter Schotel
Schotel Projectmanagement voor Podiumkunsten From Amsterdam, reviewed on Mar 24th, 2014 via Email for Slow MacBook Pro

MacJunky | Wouter Schotel

Kia worked on my Mac during the weekend. Great job, Great service.

I would recommend him to everybody.

Bjoern Brauel
From Den Haag, reviewed on Mar 23rd, 2014 via Email for Liquid damaged MacBook Pro Retina

MacJunky | Bjoern Brauel

Totally awesome service, recommended to anyone who is serious about ensuring his or her mac is treated with care.

Always go here first before you go to Apple.

Luc Salomons
From Almere, reviewed on Mar 21st, 2014 via LinkedIn for iMac with HD & display issues

MacJunky | Luc Salomons

Kia doesn’t give up when he tackles a Mac Problem and he is really cooperative and never shy of good advice regarding your Mac issues.

Yara Hannema
Yara In Media. From Haarlem, reviewed on Mar 20th, 2014 via Google for SD card stuck in iMac Optical unit

MacJunky | Yara Hannema

Kia did fast and good work on my iMac!

And apart from his good work he is a nice person!! That is worth something :-)

Stijn Janmaat
From Amsterdam, reviewed on Mar 4th, 2014 via Google for Warranty replacement of SSD

MacJunky | Stijn Janmaat

My MacBook Air’s SSD broke down 6 months ago. Kia replaced it, but broke down again a couple of weeks ago. He changed it completely for free.

So great service!

Bianca van Dalen-Leendertse
B-graphic From Almere, reviewed on Mar 3rd, 2014 via Google for New HD installed in iMac

MacJunky | Bianca van Dalen-Leendertse

MacJunky was zoals gewoonlijk weer supersnel en gaf tips om mijn computer nog beter te laten werken.

Ik ben weer heel blij dat mijn Mac weer helemaal up-to-date is!